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Near Road - Search Places Near Your Road Trip

                                     iOS version (ver. 1.6.1)

Search Restaurant, Gas Station, Shop, Hotel, Bar ...
Near Your Road Trip
Unlike Point-Based Search of Yelp and Foursquare, Near Road is Line-Based Search.

Main Features:
•  Retrieve place information from Yelp or Foursquare, such as ratings, reviews, distance, address, phone number, hours ...
•  Serve with 2 map data sources: Apple Maps and Google Maps
•  Autocomplete addresses and searches
•  Zoom in map to explore more places near your route
•  Bookmark favorite places
•  Share place information via Message, Email ...
•  Choose multi-transportation types: driving, bicycling and walking (Advanced Option)
•  Search places by limiting minimum rating (Advanced Option)
•  Search places by limiting search range (Advanced Option)

Near Road can work almost anywhere in the world. It is absolutely your useful travel companion. 

Please let us know ( if you found any bugs (e.g., app crashes) or had suggestions.
We will try our best to fix these bugs and improve Near Road better than before.