•  SonosTube is not an official Sonos or Google app.
•  SonosTube is not a content provider and does not host any content.
•  SonosTube does not download or cache any videos in your device.
•  SonosTube is powered by YouTube. YouTube trademark and logo are registered trademarks of Google, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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SonosTube - Play YouTube via Sonos
(called "SoTubes" for Mac version)


                                                 iOS version (ver. 2.8.4)

                                                Demo Video



                                                Android version (ver. 2.7.3)



                                                                     Mac version (ver. 1.6.4)


                                                       Demo Video

The one and only app in the App Stores that plays YouTube via Sonos.
SonosTube plays YouTube video on your Phone / Pad / Mac OR through Chromecast, in the meantime, streams audio to your Sonos speakers.

Main Features (partial features for Mac version):
•  Stream YouTube via Sonos
•  Support all of Sonos devices

•  Support Chromecast video streaming
•  Support video & audio sync adjustment
•  Support SonosTube & YouTube libraries

•  Support SonosTube library sharing via Dropbox

•  Support playback queue
•  Support grouping Sonos speakers
•  Support different playing orders
•  Support histories managements

​•  Support dark mode

•  Support sleep timer

•  Support multiple Sonos systems switch
•  Support Sonos EQ adjustments

•  Support different video resolutions
•  Support multi-gesture operations

SonosTube was built to help people like us enjoy high quality audio while watching YouTube video.

Please kindly let us know (support@SonosTube.com) if you have any question, suggestion or find a bug. (crashes, unable to play, etc) 
Any feedback is welcome and we will try our best to improve SonosTube!