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SonosWebs - Play Web Video & Audio via Sonos



                                                Android version (ver. 1.2.3)

SonosWebs plays website video & audio via Sonos speakers.

Main Features:
•  Play website video & audio via Sonos speakers
•  Support Chromecast video streaming

•  Support video playlist
•  Support video playlist sharing via Dropbox

•  Support different playback orders
•  Support web browser options
•  Support histories managements
•  Support dark mode
•  Support sleep timer

•  Support Sonos EQ adjustment

•  Support grouping Sonos speakers
•  Support multiple Sonos systems switch

SonosWebs was built to help people enjoy high quality audio while watching video.

​Please kindly let us know ( if you have any question, suggestion, unsupported website video or find a bug (crashes, unable to play, etc).
Any feedback is welcome and we will try our best to improve SonosWebs!

•  SonosWebs is not a content provider and does not host any content.

•  SonosWebs does not download and cache any videos in your device.